Seminars / Workshops

Dr. Aju George is available to present these seminars and workshops. Education and knowledge is the key, its application leads to wisdom, liberation and strength.

The Quest for Ultimate Freedom & Abundance Workshop

Step by step process and strategies to identify blocks within and clearing them one at a time to accelerate your personal evolution to experience the full potential of your life.

Finding perfection, inner serenity and peace within a world of imperfection and chaos, by having a deeper connection to your source of power, and deeper understanding of how to connect to that level of higher information, to establish and stay in alignment consistently in all aspects of your life.

How do you maintain your stability on a daily basis when life throws you curve balls? Learn to connect and stay connected to this permanent source of stability, strength, vitality and endurance, that which is our higher self/power.

Are you Tired of Overmedicating Yourself? Holistic & Natural Solutions; The Missing Link to Modern Medicine

Longevity & Weight Loss Resistance Solutions

Women's Health & Hormonal Solutions

  1. Proper hormonal balance and neuro-endocrine balance could
  2. Slow down the aging process
  3. Reverse premature aging process
  4. Decrease symptoms of PMS
  5. Improve your libido
  6. Ease menopausal transitions
  7. Prevent cancer
  8. Improve body weight
  9. Improve your moods
  10. Improve any chronic and degenerative conditions
  11. Improve your skin

and much more!

Healthy Fall to Winter Transitions, ease into the season with Robust Health & Vitality

Prevent allergies, colds & the flu this season or stop them in their tracks! In this informative hands-on class, you will learn:

  • Optimal nutrition to boost your immune system
  • Exchange common drug-store products for chemical & toxic free alternatives with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • The best essential oils for respiratory & digestive support
  • Why regular Raindrop sessions are vital for your well-being
  • Simple energy exercises to reduce stress & feel revitalized
  • Eliminate common allergy-causing substances, kill viruses & bacteria while keeping your family and pets healthy.