Seminars / Workshops

Dr. Aju George invites you to our Europe Branches into the world of Ayurveda. We are confident that it is in this ancient, harmonious and holistic healthcare science that you will discover your innate potential for wellness and learn the tools to maintain health in all facets of living.

Why Kerala Ayurveda Academy?

  • Ayurgeorge Ayurveda one of the only Ayurveda Academies offering authentic, Indian-sourced education, services and products.
  • Our faculty members are Ayurvedic Doctors with years of clinical and teaching experience.
  • Our curriculum is based on the curriculums of prominent Ayurveda universities in India.
  • We offer in-house, supervised internships for those who want more practical experience.
  • We offer convenient weekend classes and long distance learning.

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant

In this year-long program students will learn unique Ayurvedic concepts such as the vedic philosophy of universal evolution, the Tridoshas (natural energies), Dhatus (Tissues), the Mind-Body connection, Ayurvedic nutrition incorporating the six tastes, daily and seasonal routines, Ayurvedic client evaluations, special bodywork techniques and home remedies.

Upon completion, graduates will be able to focus on wellness and the prevention of disease. They will be able to analyze and determine their own unique Body Constitution and teach and provide counseling on the topics such as Ayurvedic nutrition, daily and seasonal routines, Meditation and Pranayama, Yoga postures, specialized oil therapies and the efficacy and value of using spices and home remedies for simple ailments.

Ayurveda’s emphasis on diet and lifestyle can have a profoundly positive impact for those who practice this wisdom.

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner

In this 1000-hour program, students will gain in-depth knowledge of advanced herbology, pharmacology, pathology, diagnostics and therapeutics. They will study history-taking, physical observation and examination. Students will understand detailed evaluations of imbalance (Vikriti). They will learn how to design individualized Ayurvedic treatment plans consisting of customized diet plans, herbs and Panchakarma. The course includes detailed theoretical and practical training in Panchakarma.