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1) Panchakarma equipment & accessories

Panchakarma treatment has now been widely accepted worldwide as a personalized comprehensive health care package for both the healthy and the ailing person. Naturally, there has been n ever increasing demand for the equipment involved in these procedures.

AYURGEORGE VEDIC CONCEPTS supplies a whole range of conventional Ayurvedic treatment equipment ranging from traditional treatment tables to brass, bronze or copper utensils and other accessories used for various panchakarma therapies.

Our equipment and accessories conform to the dimensional standards prescribed in most of the authentic treatises of Ayurveda available today.

Advanced technology ensures the quality of our products, in addition to being certified by our expert panel consisting of engineers, Ayurveda physicians and technicians. The same experts spearhead our research works aimed constantly at improving the effectiveness of our products.

Our commitment to quality and dedicated service has made us a one-stop source for Ayurveda equipment and accessories to prestigious spas and Ayurveda centers all over the world.

We also supply authentic books and journals, video and audio CDs on Ayurveda and mementos symbolizing the local culture and heritage.